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Why we invented Rapid Dry Towels

Dry a Car in 90 Seconds

This is how it all began...

Great Barrier Island in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf is like no other island. Formed from the remnants of ancient volcanoes, it has a warm oceanic climate and rich soil. It’s covered in a unique ecosystem that shelters itself from sea winds and absorbs the abundant minerals in the earth. A beautiful yet sturdy layer of thriving growth.

Your skin is much the same. It’s the great barrier between you and the outside world. It protects you. When it is well you are well.

Manuka and kanuka are two trees found growing on the island’s exposed slopes. We call them the protectors because their tough canopy shelters smaller plants and birds below. They smell incredible and stay green all year round. The resilience of these trees comes from organic compounds in their foliage, which exist in uniquely high concentrations solely on Great Barrier Island.

When applied on human skin these compounds keep doing their jobs: fighting off invasive microbes, repairing inner wear and tear and protecting the outer layer. Their only function is to keep your skin safe and flourishing, no matter what skin type you have. Many scientific studies have proven the efficacy of manuka and kanuka extracts, and research continues today.

Great Barrier is a small island. Its plants are scarce so we only harvest a limited amount each year. However, due to their unique potency, we are able to produce skincare with up to triple industry standard active ingredient percentage with no artificial concentration.

Great Barrier’s botanicals know how to protect themselves, and they can protect you too. Sven’s Island skincare brings you their raw effectiveness straight from the source. We add nothing apart from what our efficient, thriving ecosystem provides.