Proven By Science

Proven by science

Family just wouldn't be family if everyone was the same, and our native plants are no different! For hundreds of years there has existed a diverse group of tongue-twisting species that grow wild across the islands of New Zealand.

The scientists who can pronounce words like ‘Leptospermum’ (go on, try it…) have studied these native plants and have concluded one thing: they are very special indeed. In fact, they deliver some of the most potent healing powers found anywhere in nature. Research shows that our incredible extracts not only conquer deadly bacterial infections, but also relieve a host of other skin problems - from acne, eczema, skin rashes, burns, sores, insect bites and athlete's foot.

Our ingredients are also rich in powerful antioxidants that exhibit strong cytophylactic (cell regeneration) and cicatrizant (healing) properties for repairing damaged skin.

Whilst some plant extracts can be irritating to the skin our unique formulas have been scientifically developed for people with sensitive skin and are more delicate than a butterfly doing ballet!

But we’re not the types to boast - we won’t pretend to be the first to discover the hidden magic of our unique ingredients. For centuries our indigenous Maori friends have traditionally used these native extracts for everything from burns, cuts, ringworm, eczema and warts, and even bone fractures! (Although we still recommend for the last one you go see a doc...)