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Miracle indeed!

Sven's Island Miracle Manuka Skin Repair Ointment is a game changer. I give my skin a hard time, exposing it to harsh conditions, and Miracle Manuka fixes all the cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes and everything else. New tattoos are quickly healed, shaved head isn't as itchy. It's a one-stop-shop for any skin issue.

Miracle indeed!

Sven's Island Miracle Manuka cream really is a miracle. After trying a sample of moisturiser from the chemist I broke out in a severe case of rosacea, across my face, neck and chest. Nothing cleared it up and a trip to the doctor, dermatologist and pathology tests were a waste of time. I bought this cream, and within 3 days 90% of the burning, itchy lumps had cleared up. Within a week it was completely gone. I purchased the box set with the cleansing gel, face moisturiser and cream and this will now be my forever routine each morning and evening.

Thumbs up from Sue

Great ointment, thanks Sven


100% recommend to anyone has cleared up my eczema better than any steroid cream or naturopath concoction. Works fast and is all natural.
Thanks heaps Sven's island your product is top notch!

Awww thanks Jamie, we are just happy to help and really appreciate you taking the time to let us know.


Loving the gift box. Gorgeous products, beautiful presentation.

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment

Skin repair ointment

very effective ointment

OMG it works!

I had a really bad rash and peeling skin on the top part of my feet which doctors couldn't do anything about and didn't know what caused it. Naturopath was stumped also, but gave me some cream to use of a night time. I also had Australian Aboriginal bush balm cream which I would use during the day. Together they helped keep my feet moisturised but it didn't stop the rash or shedding of skin. Suddenly though my feet got worse again, so I tried Miracle Manuka and even though I still have the scaly feel of the rash, it's barely visible now and skin isn't peeling like it was. I am about to order more Miracle Manuka, but just want to say that I would highly recommend this product. Even if it doesn't cure the condition, my feet feel and look so much better, and I'm not in as much discomfort like I have been. Thank you Sven's Island.

It has help my skin

Svens Manuka

Used once only due to unfavourable reaction to eczema

Miracle. Manuka A+

Having tried many steroid creams for severe eczema, thought I’d give this a try after reading reviews. To my amazement after 2 days improvement was seen. The angry rash subsided and the itch was minimal. Using it morning and night has been a blessing. Whilst a small amount remains the embarrassment of having it mostly gone has done wonders for my confidence.
Definitely recommend this as an alternative to prescribed medications. You may just find like me it works 😊😊😊
Wish it came in a bigger container

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment

Fabulous product

Love Miracle Manuka Ointment, it certainly does what it says it will do. Soothes those nasty itchy patches.

Working well with eczema

Sundamaged skin calmed

I have red patches on my face from years out in the sun diving and I have found that this product calms all that down. It also lifts damaged skin cells off and leaves skin beautifully soft. Thanks for a great product. Really appreciate it.


As a pensioner money is very tight and when I saw the advertisement for the Skin repair ointment I was a little bit sceptical and didn’t want to waste my money but I took the plunge and bought it. After the first few days I thought it’s never gonna work but a week later I could see a dramatic improvement in the skin on my face my psoriasis on my eyebrows has now disappeared I am so impressed and now a true believer in Miracle Manuka Skin Repair Ointment.

Best handcream I've used

As a gardener, I have found that Heavenly Hands has restored moisture to my skin and my nails are much stronger since ive been using it. I have been applying nightly for 20 days now and am very impressed with the overall result. It rubs in well, no greasy residue, and has a really nice scent that is not over powering. I'm very impressed with the performance and will definitely continue to use. Highly recommend.

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment (Travel Size)

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment

Wow! This really is a miracle product! Within 2 days of use, our baby girl's eczema has cleared. I cannot recommend this ointment more!

Absolutely amazing

This is the most amazing product and has been a lifesaver! I thought nothing was going to clear up my skin issues but then I stumbled across the miracle Manuka and it is truely pure gold! You have a customer for life now 😊

Amazing product, I started using on a dermatitis with my ears. Wishing the first two applications the cracking and scaling had improved by 90%. Today I can only feel a tiny bit of rough texture in a couple of spots, not soreness or inflammation at all. Brilliant product.

Love the lip balm. My lips are hydrated again and feel good

Repair Manuka Ointment

Can not tell you how fantastic this ointment is! I have not be well for the last few years and get lot's of grazer's, bruse's, knock's etc, still ointment has made a big change in my life, and I heal so much quicker, also make's my skin feel so much better!

Miracle manuka

I love this ointment it goes on so smoothly and smells so nice and seems to be healing my skin