Wild Harvest

Ingredients from nature 

We’ve grown up from the days of using a brandy bottle and an old steel can to extract our ingredients but the same love and attention is still applied to every batch.

All our natural and organic ingredients are sustainibly grown and sourced through our farming partnerships in New Zealand which allows us to choose from only the very best ingredients (it’s sort of like a green-fingered X Factor…). Not only does this make for happy plants but maintains the natural eco systems where the ingredients are grown. Our ingredients are, and always will be, 100% sustainable. 


Our formulas are scientifically developed to some of the highest levels of certified natural product manufacturing standards in the world. A lot of time is put into the research of new and existing native ingredients that grow across the islands of New Zealand to make sure we are using the best and safest therapeutic ingredients in our products. 

Wild Harvested

A number of Sven’s Island’s unique bio-active ingredients are also 100% wildcrafted and produced using the old making techniques including distillation, tincturing and infusion. Just over a hundred years ago, all products were made this way. These extracts vary from year to year and harvest to harvest, based on changing seasons, rainfall, varying temperatures, and exact harvesting locations. 


But where the magic really lies is in the extraction process (ok, science-y bit coming up…). The industrial techniques used by some big extraction manufacturers can damage the all-important properties of the plant, drastically reducing their therapeutic powers. We use an extraction process” which leaves the natural properties of the plants at maximum potency and ready to be used for the good of everyone!

Svens Island Wild Harvest