3 reasons to try Kanuka Honey

July 09, 2020

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If your first thought when you hear the word “honey” is still of breakfast or baked goods, then it’s time to think again. In recent years, honey has emerged as a natural superfood  that can help alleviate everything from common skin conditions and digestive discomfort to infections and common colds. Health enthusiasts around the world have embraced the ingredient wholeheartedly, and have eagerly added it to their health and wellness routine.

To explain why Kanuka Honey is one of the best types of honey for health, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Nourished Life. Read on to discover 3 reasons to try the lesser-known cousin of Manuka Honey. 

 1. It’s rare & precious 

Sven’s Island Kanuka honey is harvested from the Aotea Kanuka tree, which only grows on one place on earth: Great Barrier Island, home to Sven’s Island Natural Remedies. The nectar can only be harvested once a season, when the flowers of the Kanuka tree are in full bloom. For this reason, Kanuka Honey is considered a prized commodity, and is highly sought after by health enthusiasts across the globe.

 2. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties 

Kanuka Honey is a rich source of anti-inflammatories including PGE 1 and Arabinogalactan Protein (AGP), a Glycoprotein that helps stimulate the cells of your immune system. AGP also releases cytokines, which are proteins that help wounds heal faster. Plus, Kanuka Honey is clinically proven to include a high concentration of DHA antibacterial agents. 

 Plant - 3 reasons to try Kanuka Honey

  1. It’s an effective natural remedy

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Kanuka Honey make it an effective natural treatment for a range of skin diseases and common health concerns. A topical Kanuka Honey Ointment can help treat everything from blemishes to psoriasis and dermatitis, while a teaspoon taken orally everyday can help improve gut health and fight urinary tract infections.

Ready to try Kanuka Honey and experience its many benefits firsthand? Read the full article here and discover more healthy living advice on the Nourished Life blog today!

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